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Base-Team Spot News Europe

 Peter Berger Peter Berger, journalist and chief editor (UK) in London with a "German family tree". He creates the tightrope between human subjects and HighTech. His PR competence is, for example on demand for product launches. Through long-standing, worldwide press and marketing activities for a large jewelery chain store, he offers profound practical knowledge. Customers for whom the Eastern European Market is the next target, he helps with market entry and ongoing press work. He has best contacts to Prague and Istanbul, as well as profound linguistic knowledge in Czech Language and French. He is, of course, an absolutely dog friend!
Udo von Waldowski Udo von Waldowski, freelance journalist, 30 years in this "business", is responsible for SpotNews Europe Region D | A | CH and has final responsibility for these customers and their announcements worldwide. A decade-long work for direct information and press services in the German-speaking world is a solid basis. His seminar called human-to-human call or in english spoken areas "HumanTouch", has already been used in many well-known companies both, for their public relation and to push the sales sucess . With 36 years of sales experience, he certainly has good advices also for your company. He is an ..... absolute dog lover!
Jennifer Waltham Jennifer Waltham, journalist and marketing specialist. Market analyzes and the development of new sales strategies as well as their testing for our customers are her specialties. Press work, which can also be used for marketing strategies, she is connecting in a genial way. Also being bussy in the Backoffice, she is responsible for customer support and press inquiries. Her research work helps to understand customer markets. Jennifer also loves dogs!
Markus Beelko Markus Beelko, a freelance journalist and mechatronics engineer, supervises product tests, compiles keyfacts on test reports and researches new, interesting products. It is the point of contact for companies wishing to introduce new products in the UK or to establish a branch at the location. Ongoing PR-Support, is of course included. He is happy to pass on his 20 years of experience with computer manufacturers and mechanical engineering companies, to our customers. His dog often accompanies him to appointments!
Doreen Parker-Schmidt Doreen Parker-Schmid, technical journalist, Master of Business Administration, has a clever hand for technical reports. With her operational know-how, she also supports our customers during market launchings. She has worked with both, German and English publishers. Her roots lie in Germany, more precisely in the Rhineland. Best contacts to Scotland have already helped to one or the other customer and we get sometimes a fine bottle of whiskey, when she is back in the office. Her English Bulldogge is usually present at meetings.
Regina Püst Regina Püst, graphic designer, layout. She is enthusiastic about everything, where a visual idea is needed. With nearly 30 years of professional experience in graphic design she has a trained eye for layout, typography, and image processing. The design of print projects and web sites belong to her daily tasks. Ideas are implemented accurately and thereby their design and functionality go hand in hand. Her patience with the umpteenth change of a layout can be seen almost as a trademark. She especially loves ... Dogs and cats!



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